Martyn Peachey

Martyn Peachey


Martyn is a third generation British Cotswolds Stonemason, continuing the long tradition of the English countryside, where natural and native stone is utilized to create everything from homes to gardens.

Since leaving school in 1984, and until he re-located to Northern California in 2001, Martyn was the principal/owner of a contracting/stone masonry company in Gloucestershire, England.  Upon arrival in the US, Martyn worked on Larry Ellison’s Mountain Home Road estate, as superintendent of the extensive masonry work what is one of the largest residential construction projects in the US.

JEC Stone Inc. was founded in 2004, and the company has been busy with a variety of interesting residential and public projects ever since.

THE ART OF CRAFT: Stonemasons / Stones set for the ages / Masons' enthusiasm and commitment maintain an ancient craft (San Francisco Chronicle, December 30, 2006)

Kerry Katherine Enright

Kerry keeps the business side of JEC Stone Inc. running efficiently.  As President of Articulate Integrity, a San Francisco-based management consulting company that caters to the nonprofit and philanthropic fields, Kerry is well-versed in maintaining sound financial practices, as well as insurance, bonding, permits and all the other “behind the scenes” paperwork that keeps JEC Stone Inc. at the top of its game.